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Few of our testimonials are listed below
We are absolutely delighted with the work that KGS & team did to modernize our website. They took care of every aspect of our site. They encouraged us to have multiple rounds of discussions to understand our core values, business, and most importantly our customers. With information from these sessions they put together a detailed plan and walked us through each step of their execution, showcasing to us the changes as they were progressing through the transformation of our website. They went above and beyond in coming up with several innovative ideas and suggestions & cared for the site as their own throughout the whole process and helped execute these ideas seamlessly.

We are glad to have engaged them in this work. They also ensured that the site operations were not interrupted throughout this process. We are very happy to recommend them!

Kim Lucas
Lucas Nursery

Our work with the Kodis Global Solutions team aimed to increase our efficiencies in data processing and conserve our steps in merging data into a single program format. Not only did they come up with viable solutions for us in a timely manner, but they exceeded our expectations by making over-and-above provisions to ensure that their solutions worked well on all our company’s platforms. We also found them very knowledgeable and helpful in offering additional suggestions for further options to increase our productivity.

We greatly appreciated the diligence and professionalism of Kodis, and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking effective solutions with positive results!

Kristen Vande  Laare
Creative Production Manager
SKM Marketing, Inc.