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Mobility As A Service (MAAS) puts car manufacturer in the fast lane

Leading Auto Parts Distributor, MI

The client (auto Repair Company) serves the customers by working on servicing the auto repair issues for their clients. They have an intranet portal with the list of all vendors that they buy parts from for their services to their customers.  When a client brings in the car for repair which requires the client to order a replacement part or a new part they use this intranet application to input the type of the vehicle and the specifications of the part and to search against the vendor portal. This is a tedious manual process.
We build a B2B solution framework for the client where the client enters the search criteria on the user interface that was custom built for ease of use and the solution will then indirectly call their vendor application with all possible combinations and then get the best pricing & choice of vendor for the service technician to purchase the part and also allows the repair engineer to order the part(s) directly from the search screen. This application because of its versatility improved customer satisfaction as now the system had the capability to place multiple parts orders for one repair by selecting the best vendor for every part needed for the repair. The system also considered extended criteria like when the part is needed to match up to the delivery time promised to the client.

The system effectively used the same input the crew used today to then fire off a whole set of individual requests to all different vendor combinations to then obtain a consolidated best option for the client to choose from and order parts for their clients.