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We have trained recruitment professionals who work with you to understand your needs & challenges. We are not just a staffing agency. We pride ourselves as being your staffing partners. We work with a wide variety of seasoned, experienced, skilled resources in all industries. We help identify the right match for both the companies and the consultants.

The services we offer for contract hires:

(a) Source the right talent within our network

We have an extremely talented set of engineers whom we work with regularly. In addition we are also part of our trusted network of partners whom we have successfully supported many successful project implementations. This helps us easily access these networks to find you the best suited person for the job.

(b) Background Check

We can assist with performing background checks for the candidates that we bring in from our network. This is faster and it avoids additional overhead from you. But if you like to do the background checks yourself, we completely understand and will support the process.

(c) Pre-Screening

We pre-screen every candidate we present to you to make sure it is a right match for you and the candidate. This includes validating industry experience, skills required for the job etc. We can provide access as needed to these pre-screening sessions.

(d) Tech Interviews

We gladly assist our clients by conducting tech interviews to candidates and providing our assessment of the candidates. These interviews are tailored based on the needs of individual clients. We could conduct the interview on behalf of you and submit our scores for your evaluation. We could gladly loop you in along with our interviewers OR give you full flexibility of doing the interviews yourself. We are here to help and make it convenient for you.