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We helped build a Proof Of Concept for a marketing agency that specializes in restaurant marketing and efficiency. The objective of this project is to confirm the analysis done manually by the company about increasing the throughput/efficiency of the serving counter for drive-in orders.

The idea is to build POC on both Android and iOS to simulate a client mobile app that will collect and feed data about the order to the administration app (also android and iOS) which will be used inside the kitchen (near the fast-food packing and delivery area). The client app will allow customers to download the client app and register their account providing some basic information (for the POC we had the car make and model, customer name, and phone number). This solution also leveraged the use of “beacons”. Two beacons were used in the POC concept. One beacon was placed at the entrance to the driveway (for pickup) and the other one just before the payment window.

When an order is placed through the mobile app and the customer just drives through the driveway (without any additional interaction) the 1st beacon automatically detects the order and locates the order and customer information and displays the order on the packing area. As new customers come in (drive by the drive-through) they are added to the list in the order they came in. When the customer moves to the payment window, the admin screen also highlights this customer on the right-hand side of the screen displaying them as the next customer. This helps the crew inside the restaurant to have the food ready near the delivery window (2nd window) as the driver pulls forward to pick up their food.

All of this happens without any interaction between the customer and the crew serving the food. When the customer’s information is displayed as the next customer the window also shows the customer name, phone number, and the image of the vehicle they are driving allowing the crew to visually confirm the customer without even engaging in contact with them.