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One of our client’s success story below

SKM Marketing, MI

A client of ours was looking for a centralized mechanism for allowing all their car dealers to place customized calendar orders. The existing process involved users manually collecting orders over the phone OR by clients faxing the order form to their office, some clients also sent the orders via email by filling in a PDF. In addition, a lot of manual labor is involved in collecting and organizing this data, converting these into electronic format before sending it to a vendor who actually does their printing of calendars. There was also no efficient way to track these order statuses and provide updates to their clients.

Kodis solved this by providing a unified solution that addresses all of the current issues and also helped streamline the process for the clients for the future ordering of customized supplies such as these calendars. The solution fully automated the process and helped reduce the cost significantly

A simple ordering online portal was developed to allow dealers to place their custom calendar orders. Along with this, a custom program was developed that helped load all existing order PDF’s from prior years into the centralized system. Integration was done that allows these orders directly sent over to the vendor who was engaged to print and ship the calendars to the clients. A simple order status screen was built on the portal to provide visibility to the dealers on their calendar status.

As phase II of the project a simple remainder and reporting modules were included that automated reminder emails for the dealers for their orders and also ad hoc reporting for the agency to provide their client with historic order reporting data